Homesense Hilton Head

Homesense Takes Anchor Space at Sea Turtle Marketplace in Hilton Head, SC, Market Debut and First Store Planned in South Carolina for New TJX Brand


Charlotte’s Providence Group Brokers Nearly 30K SF Deal for Retailer and Landlord, Greenberg Gibbons, which Acquired Community Retail Center in 2022

Charlotte, NC, November 14, 2023 – The Providence Group, a Charlotte-based retail real estate brokerage firm, executed a roughly 29,000-square-foot anchor lease with Homesense at Sea Turtle Marketplace in Hilton Head, SC. The newly redeveloped 100,000-squre-foot community center is located in the heart of Hilton Head Island’s retail corridor.

The Providence Group’s Melissa McDonald represented the tenant, while The Providence Group’s Darrell Palasciano and Matt Henry represented the landlord, Maryland-based Greenberg Gibbons.

The Providence Group’s Palasciano said, “The redevelopment of Sea Turtle Marketplace will continue to attract best in class retailers, restaurants and services to the Hilton Head and Bluffton region. With a robust seasonal market and expanding year-round population, Hilton Head visitors and residents seek new and dynamic retail experiences at which to shop, dine and visit. Our newest retailers, Golf Galaxy and Homesense, fill two retail categories that are perfectly programmed to serve the needs of the market.”

The Homesense brand is new to the market and the Sea Turtle Marketplace location will be the first in South Carolina when it makes its debut in Spring 2024. Greenberg Gibbons purchased the property in 2022 and this is the second major anchor announcement since its acquisition after Golf Galaxy joined earlier in 2023. The Providence Group expects the third and final anchor announcement in the coming months.

The site at 430 William Hilton Pkwy. offers high visibility and access along a key retail corridor where nearly 35,000 vehicles pass each day. The island attracts more than 2.5 million visitors annually.

Homesense is the latest retail experience from the TJX family of brands. The new home store offers an expansive selection of furniture, rugs, lighting, wall art, and décor from around the world. Homesense joins other retailers at the center including Starbucks, West Marine, Petsmart, Golf Galaxy, Gusto Ristorante, Tai Chi Massage Spa, Island Nail Spa, Blaze Beauty Studio, Jersey Mike’s, Orange Theory Fitness, and Parker’s Kitchen.

Clean Your Dirty Face®

30-Minute Facials and Amazing Products- Clean Your Dirty Face®’s Charlotte Metropolitan CLT location is officially OPEN! The company has many locations throughout the United States and this is their second location in the Charlotte metro area. Clean Your Dirty Face® is known for their $25 special for first time customers. They use their own esthetician-formulated clean skincare in your facial, and you can expect clean, more radiant skin in 30 minutes. Melissa McDonald and Lauren Faulkenberry represented the Landlord in this deal.

Flexcar Comes to the Carolinas

A self-service car subscription startup has landed in Charlotte recently opening at 8525 South Boulevard.

Boston-based Flexcar launched in 2021 to provide an alternative to buying or leasing a car. The concept aligns with consumer’s growing fondness of subscription companies. Flexcar offers the flexibility for customer’s to choose their car as well as the length of time they’d like to use it by paying the weekly fee.

With locations in Boston, Atlanta and Nashville, Flexcar saw Charlotte as a key expansion area beca犀利士
use of how fast the city is growing.

Darren Wood of TPG assisted Flexcar in securing the 3.71 acre former Hyundai facility and John Jones of Gibson Smith Realty Co. represented the Landlord.

Ulta Beauty Boone Mall

The Boone Mall recently welcomed U犀利士
lta Beauty, replacing Old Navy at 1880 Blowing Rock Road.

The salon had its soft opening this weekend with over 50 people waiting at the doors. The grand opening will be Friday, September 2nd and the store will be offering discounts and coupons.

The Rudisill South End/Wilmore

Providence Group Capital will be developing a mixed-use project named The Rudisill in South End/Wilmore at the corner of S. Mint & W. Summit. The eight-story building will include two underground levels for parking. The first floor will include parking and retail and the remaining seven floors will include either office, apartments or a hotel.

The project pays homage to the Rudisill gold mine that was located near the site. Gold was first discovered in Charlotte in 1825 and The Rudisill was one of the most prominent in the area.

Floor & Decor Consumer Square Mooresville, NC

We are excited to announce that Floor and Décor will be coming to Consumer Square in Mooresville, NC. Occupying 67,101 SF Floor and Decor will be backfilling the former Gander Mountain store.

Consumer Square is well-positioned in a high-density retail corridor that includes other high performing national tenants such as Lowe’s Home Improvement, Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Sam’s Club, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Harris Teeter.

— 12,575 SF Endcap Space Available – contact Wes Thurmond or John Varol in our office for further information.

Arrow / Pedro Williams

Arrow Haircuts has opened its doors at Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte, North Carolina with a laid-back, retro vibe that provides a welcoming experience for all. This location is their second in Charlotte with their first location being in the South End area. Arrow has seven other locations in the Triangle area and they are currently looking for more Charlotte Area locations. Please contact John Varol in our office for leasing opportunities.

The address for the Park Road Shopping Center location is 530 A Brandywine Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209


The Puttery

Dallas-based golf-entertainment Drive Shack unveiled its Puttery concept with a recent opening in Dallas and other locations planned for Houston, Miami & D.C. Puttery offers a high-tech, immersive experience which includes cocktails, food and unparalleled mini golf courses – Charlotte will have two uniquely themed 9-hole courses. Located at 210 Rampart St, Puttery is ideally positioned in a vibrant section of South End with numerous entertainment and dining options.⠀
Puttery is actively seeking sites in Raleigh, NC — contact John Varol or Melissa McDonald in our office for opportunities/details.

Hustle House

It’s all about the hustle at Hustle House. A new fitness concept has hit Uptown Charlotte setting the standard for strength, performance and aesthetics in the form of a group High Intensity workout. The workout is driven by a team atmosphere that encourages setting goals and achieving them – because as long as you’re hustling, that’s all that matters. . Hustle House is open and located at the street level of the Uptown 550 apartment complex at the corner of South Blvd & East Stonewall St. Find out more about them on Instagram – @hustlehouseclt or website ~ multicanais xoso xoso tin chelsea thông tin chuyển nhượng câu lạc bộ bóng đá arsenal bóng đá atalanta bundesliga cầu thủ haaland UEFA everton xoso futebol ao vivo futemax multicanais onbet bóng đá world cup bóng đá inter milan tin juventus benzema la liga clb leicester city MU man city messi lionel salah napoli neymar psg ronaldo serie a tottenham valencia AS ROMA Leverkusen ac milan mbappe napoli newcastle aston villa liverpool fa cup real madrid premier league Ajax bao bong da247 EPL barcelona bournemouth aff cup asean football bên lề sân cỏ báo bóng đá mới bóng đá cúp thế giới tin bóng đá Việt UEFA báo bóng đá việt nam Huyền thoại bóng đá giải ngoại hạng anh Seagame tap chi bong da the gioi tin bong da lu trận đấu hôm nay việt nam bóng đá tin nong bong da Bóng đá nữ thể thao 7m 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