Michael Risey

Michael Risey


Michael is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and moved to Charlotte in 2000. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Michael began his career at The Crosland Group as a Corporate Accountant and then later as a Senior Development Accountant for both Retail and Commercial properties. Michael worked at Time Warner Cable where he helped transition the Accounting Department relocation from Stamford, CT to Charlotte. During his time at Time Warner Cable he worked under the Special Projects and the Financial Reporting divisions. He has worked as an Assistant Controller for a local homebuilder, Saussy Burbank, and for American Asset Corporation (AAC). He has extensive real estate experience on the day to day operations of both Commercial and Retail accounting.

Michael joined The Providence Management Group in August of 2017. As PGMS’s Controller, Michael oversees all property accounting operations for our clients, including consolidating monthly financial statements and annual reconciliations. Michael specializes in implementing internal workflow systems and procedures for accounting and management staff.


B.S. Louisiana State University