Richmond Plaza – Rockingham, NC


Richmond Plaza is a 202,444 square foot power center at the heart of Rockingham and Richmond County’s primary retail corridor. It is the most dominate retail center in the region boasting over 1.3M visitors per year. 


• Located on E Broad Ave; the primary retail corridor in Rockingham and Richmond County 

• First class national co-tenancy including Belk, Ross Dress for Less, Beall’s Outlet, Planet Fitness, & Kay Jewelers 

• Two traffic lights 

• Highest Traffic shopping center in the region (22,000 VPD) 

• 2.5M SF of retail within one-mile; including Lowe’s Home Improvement, Walmart, Food Lion, Tractor Supply & Harbor Freight Tools 

• Fully renovated facade 

Harbison Center

200,000 SF regional shopping center at the heart of Columbia’s Harbison retail corridor and directly across the street from Columbiana Center. Harbison Blvd is at the most dominant retail corridor in the region.

• The property is prominently located at the intersection of Columbiana Drive and Harbison Blvd with excellent viability and access from both major roads.

• Newly upgraded anchors include Rooms to Go & Total Wine and new outparcels include Panera & Chase bank.

• Retail space available from 1,050 SF to 11,000 SF.

• Nearby retailers include: Target, Walmart, Belk, Sam’s Club, The Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvement, JC Penny, Dillards, Sears, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, TJ Max, Marshalls, Ross Dress for Less, Nordstrom Rack, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, Michael’s, Petsmart, etc.

Salisbury East Innes St & Faith Blvd


New retail and medical pad site development located in the heart of Salisbury’s main retail corridor at the corner of Innes Street and Faith Road.


• First intersection off of I-85

• Signalized corner

• Ground lease and build-to-suit available

• Excellent visibility and access along Innes Street

• Nearby retailers: Walmart Supercenter, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Marshalls, Food Lion, Aldi, PetSmart, Cinemark, and Walgreens.


Rare out-parcel opportunity in front of a well established Harris Teeter anchored shopping center near the Union / Mecklenburg County line .


• ASKING PRICE $449,000 

• 0.70 acre outpacel 

• High growth sub-market just off of I-485 

• Desirable Union county location just 10 miles southwest of uptown Charlotte. 

• 21,500 VPD on Lawyers Rd 

• Other retailers include: Harris Teeter, CVS Pharmacy, McDonalds, Firestone, UPS Store, Dominos Pizza, etc.

Berne Square Anchor Space

Rare anchor position available along New Bern’s primary regional retail corridor. The property is located at the interchange of US 17 & Future I-40.

• Future I-40 interchange location

TWO (2) signalized entrances on MLK 

• Excellent visibility with newly updated facade 

• Pylon signage on MLK 

• 22,720 SF anchor space 

• Traffic Counts: Dr MLK Jr Blvd – 17,000 VPD 




Silas Creek Crossing

Well established, 205,000 square foot, regional shopping center in the heart of Winston-Salem’s Hanes Mall Blvd Corridor. Located directly across from the mall, the center boasts fantastic retail sales and one of the largest geographic trade areas in the region. 

• Located at the key intersection of Hanes Mall Blvd and Silas Creek Parkway

• High volume national retail anchors

• Shop space avaiable from 1,000 – 6,000 sf

• Prominent bank parcel available for lease or redevelopment

• 28,000 VPD on Silas Creek Pkwy; 23,500 VPD on Hanes Mall Blvd

Parkway Plaza

280,000 SF community center boasting a high volume national anchor co-tenancy. Parkway Plaza is located at the major intersection of Peters Creek Pkwy and Silas Creek Pkwy and directly off of I-40. 

• 1/4 mile view corridor from I-40 

• Located at the corner of Silas Creek & Peters Creek Parkways with easy access and excellent visibility from both 

• Retail space available from 1,200 to 20,000 SF 

• Outpacel carve-out available 

• 19,000 VPD on Silas Creek Parkway; 31,500 VPD on Peters Creek Parkway; 103,000 VPD on I-40. 

The Terraces at University Place

• Serving the University City area with it’s 80,000 employees, 30,000 UNC Charlotte students, variety of neighborhoods and diverse and growing population.

• Brand new grocery anchor planned for 2024.

• Walking distance to the Lynx Blueline station, UNC Charlotte campus & Mallard Creek Greenway

• 25,000 VPD on North Tryon Street

Regent Park Outparcels

Prominent signalized out-parcels available for lease or build-to-suit on Carowinds Blvd (HUS-21) at Regent Parkway in Fort Mill, SC.

• High traffic signalized intersection

• Located directly across from a Food Lion anchored shopping center

• 3/4 mile from I-77 exit 90 (Carowinds Blvd)

• Most retail and service uses permitted

• 22,900 VPD at Carowinds Blvd

Rosemont Center

• Now pre-leasing first class retail space 

• New development at the signalized corner of Fort Mill Parkway 

• 1,200 – 10,829 square feet available 

• Unique retail opportunity in a low vacancy market. 

• Retail frontage and signage on Highway 160 

• Traffic Light corner 

• Patio space available 

• Desirable Indian Land location 

• Very high residential and commercial growth market 

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